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War Vocabulary Cards 「戦争の語彙かるた」


This collection contains 126 color cards that address war vocabulary in the Pacific War period. The set would have introduced important words that…

Contributors: Michaela Kelly

Foreign Geography Karuta for Study or Hobby 「学習用趣味の地理かるた 外国」


This set of 100 cards contains 48 recitation and grabbing cards that depict cities and countries around the world. Each pair has a vivid, full-color…

Contributors: Michaela Kelly

Japanese Geography Karuta for Study or Hobby 「学習用趣味の地理かるた 日本」


This karuta set can be used for hiragana alphabet practice and to learn local characteristics of places considered within the Japanese nation. This…

Contributors: Michaela Kelly

Asian Development Elementary Karuta 「興亜少国民かるた」


This is a collection of 96 karuta cards, with 48 recitation cards and 48 grabbing cards. They were used for hiragana practice and each pair has a…

Contributors: Michaela Kelly

Military Country Comic Karuta: Iron Helmet Tecchan 「軍国マンガカルタ テツカブノテッチャン」


A card set containing 47 katakana character cards with 47 accompanying recitation cards. Illustrations are in full color. Each pair has a short poem…

Contributors: Michaela Kelly

100 Patriotic Poems Illustrated Karuta 「愛国百人一首カルタセット」


This is a set of karuta for the 100 Patriotic Poems compiled in late 1942 and published by the Japanese government. These 200 cards feature full color…

Contributors: Michaela Kelly

Karuta Today

karuta gamecards small pdf for omeka.pdf

This collection includes Japanese government agency karuta games made for public education of both Japanese and English speakers, as well as articles…

Contributors: Michaela Kelly