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karuta gamecards small pdf for omeka.pdf
A set of A-Z English haiku written by staff of the Lafayette College Library during the spring of 2017 and mounted on karuta game cards.

One Ogura hyakunin isshu card

HOW TO PLAY かるた from
Instructions offered on the 一般社団法人全日本かるた協会 website for the basic play of competitive poem karuta.

北方領土の日:4島チームで返還を願う「特大カルタ大会」 - 毎日新聞.pdf
The .pdf copy of a news article published online by the Mainichi Shimbun. It details a game of karuta played by elementary school students in Nemuro City on the Northern Territories Day in 2017.

Photo of the karuta set created and distributed to schools in Kushiro, northern Hokkaido.

rose nieda face.jpeg
Oral History Interviewee Rose Nieda

Minidoka Irrigator 9 Jan 1943 pg3.pdf
Minidoka Irrigator Newspaper announcement dated 9 January 1943. The newspaper was created by and circulated among imprisoned Japanese Americans at Minidoka Relocation Center. This page features an announcement for a karuta competition held at the…

Photo published by Library of Congress, George Grantham Bain Collection depicting four women in kimono in a Japanese style room playing karuta.

This card reads: 春にあけて まづみる書も 天地の はじめの時と 読み出づるかな This New Year is come, And I ope with a fresh mind A bookーthe first tome Of an ancient book, and find The world's start is there assigned.English…

This card reads: 男山 今日の行幸の 畏きも 命あればぞ をろがみにける O what ecstasy 'Tis here at the grand Shrine His Majesty to see! To live long to be old is So blestーnow well I see this.English translation by: Honda,…

This card reads: 後れても 後れてもまた 君たちに 誓ひしことを われ忘れめやShall I e'er forgetThe vow I did make to you, Though again and yetAgainーso oft I fail toDie, O my dead Comrades true!English translation by: Honda,…

This card reads: 武士のやまと心をより合はせただひとすぢの大綱にせよMake a single ropeWith spirits,ーso big a zone,I sincerely hopeーOf our warriors bound in one,Twisted and entwisted, stronf grown.English translation…

This card reads:大君の 御旗の下に死してこそ人と生まれし甲斐はありけれHow glorious it isUnder the royal bannerTo perish! What blissTo die in such a manner!Oh, 'tis the height of honour.English translation by: Honda,…

This card reads:片敷きて寝ぬる鎧の袖の上に思ひぞつもる越の白雪On the armour-sleeveWhen now on my side I lie,The northern clouds leaveSnow, fleeing athwart the sky....So my thoughts in my mind lie.English translation by: Honda,…

This card reads: 武夫の たけきかゞみと天の原あふぎ尊め丈夫のともLike the heaven highRespect him, a Warrior soNoble, peerlesslyBrave, the soul of Bushido,And a subject loyal so.English translation by: Honda, Heihachiro

This card reads:大山の 峰の岩根に 埋めにけり わが年月の 日本だましひ’Neath this rugged rockOn the lofty mountain topI'll bury, O look!My grand spirit I've brought upAll these years in a great hope. English translation…

This card reads:君が代はいはほと共に動かねば砕けてかへれ沖つしら波As firm as the rockIs our grand Emperor's reign.So leave, Waves, white-broke,Leave our sacred shores amain,And go back home to your main. English translation…

This card reads:執り佩ける太刀の光はものゝふの常に見れどもいやめづらしきThough e'er seen, the glareOf the noble sword I wearThe more I do stare,The more will the blade look rareAnd bright. O 'tis e'er so fair. English…

This card reads:みちのくのそとなる蝦夷のそとを漕ぐ舟より遠くものをこそ思へPrithee send your thoughtFurther than the boats that goIn the sea remoteWhich lies further than Ezo,Far beyond our mainland so.English translation…

This card reads:大君の御楯となりて捨つる身と思へば軽き我が命かなOn the battle-fieldEvevn I can bravely dieAs a humble shieldOf the Throne. How can I sighThis slight life me to deny? English translation by: Honda, Heihachiro