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技術的情報 Technical Information

The karuta cards on this site were all scanned in the winter of 2017, using an Epson Expression 10000XL flatbed scanner owned by the Lafayette College Library. Brittany Dobson (Class of 2019) and Michaela Kelly scanned all cards as .tif files at a resolution of 750 dpi, captured using SilverFast AI 6 software.

Cards were scanned one by one, and given individual sequential file names that reflect the karuta set and their order within that set. Cards were scanned with the adobeRGB color profile. Paul Miller post-processed these images, cropping and providing a smaller 200 dpi derivative .jpeg file for each card. A student also double checked the deskew provided by Photoshop and Paul Miller again adjusted the card for levelness. Cards were assigned the internet standard color protocol of sRGB, and run through a Photoshop script that created a composite of the recitation and grabbing cards.

From scanning to completely corrected cropped composite image, the technical work on the cards represents more than 60 hours work.

Michaela Kelly decided that for the purposes of visual cohesion, the order of the recitation and grabbing cards would differ between the 100 Patriotic Poems and the remaining 5 sets of karuta. The 100 Patriotic Poems are shown and have been composited with the recitation card on the left of the screen and the grabbing card on the right. All remaining sets follow the protocol used for the Lafayette College EAIC Japanese History Study Cards set, where the recitation card is found to the right of the grabbing card. This slight deviation allowed cards on the karuta site to remain visually consistent, with the striking visual image on the left, and text only cards on the right across all 6 sets.