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Walter Lowrie

Portrait of Walter Lowrie

Abraham Miller to Walter Lowrie

Miller is an African Prince who is currently living in the United States.

"I want to go back to Africa and help touch the African Children and tell them about Lord Jesus..."



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Expedition to Liberia

Document describing the upcoming voyage of the ship Mariposa that would deliver manumitted slaves from the McDonogh plantation in New Orleans to the colony of Liberia.

Pen-and-Ink Sketch of Lafayette College

Pen and ink drawing of Lafayette College in 1843.

David to Walter Lowrie

David is surprised that Walter Lowrie and John McDonogh have decided that he "shall go a full college course; at which I was very much surprised, because I never solicited any such think, and consequently never expected it."

"But Sir, it is entirely…

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David McDonogh to Daniel Wells

David informs Daniel Wells that he and Washington begin classes on the 24th of May. They will be studying arithmetic, geography, and catechism.

David and Washington are still boarding with AO Hoff, but have also been given the option to board at the…

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David McDonogh to Walter Lowrie

David apologizes for not writing every month like he had promised to do. He explains that it is very busy, there is no time, and there is nothing to write.

On Saturday, August 11th, David hit his foot badly against a stone. It is nearly well.


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David McDonogh to Daniel Wells

"Dr. Junkin departed this morning...[He] was followed by a great multitude of people of all ranks and sizes, and of all sexes. And when he got into the boat, and he, and his family and those that were to accompany him, were rightly fixed in the boat,…

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David McDonogh to Walter Lowrie

David thanks Lowrie for the package (hand delivered by Reverend John Gray) that contained cloth for his coat, a flute, and one missionary chronicle.

Board is somewhat cheaper now. "It is now $1.87 and a half cents per week, whereas it was $2.00…

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David McDonogh to Walter Lowrie

David thanks Lowrie for the letter and the enclosed fifty dollars. "I took it to the Easton Bank to Col. McKeen (treasurer of the board of trustees), but he was absent; So I got the money from Mr. James Wilson. We paid Mr. Lerch, what was due to…

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