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King George attacks Cape Mesurado

King George of the Dei people attacks with a force of roughly 800 soldiers armed with spears and muskets; the colonial force numbered 35. Children were captured and held captive for seven months.

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King George attacks again

King George attacks again but this time with a force numbered at 1,000 soldiers.

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Attack on Heddington

After various threats from Goterah & Gatoomba, the town of Heddington is attacked by roughly three to four hundred warriors composed of Botswains, Mambo, Veys and Degs. They made thier attack at about daybreak and conflict lasted roughly two months.

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The Mariposa set sail for Liberia

79 slaves were able to earn thier freedom from John McDonogh on the condition that they would emigrate to Liberia through the American Colonization Society (ACS). On the date, they left New Orleans on the Mariposa bound for Liberia after a stop in…

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James McGeorge provides a death toll update in a letter to John McDonogh

The following people have passed : Amelia Gray, Sally Hives, Dabney and Peter Young, Maria Kelley, Lucy Kelley, and Randal Brigs.

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Galloway Smith moves to Sinoe

Galloway Smith informs John McDonogh that he has moved with his wife and son to Monrovia from Sinoe

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Washington W. McDonogh lives in Settra Kroo

In a letter, George Ellis informs John Mcdonogh about Washington's place of residence and occupation as a school teacher in Settra Kroo

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George Ellis settles up the St. Paul's River

George Ellis is living up the St. Paul's river and has between 15-20 acres of land cleared. He has planted potatoes, cassadoes, arrow root, corn, and about two hundred cotton bushes and about six or seven hundred cofee plants.

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The Liberian Declaration of Indepence is signed

On July 26, The Liberian Declaration of Independence was adopted and signed. In it, Liberians charged their mother country, the United States, with injustices that made it necessary for them to leave and make new lives for themselves in Africa. They…

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Galloway Smith returns to the United States

Julia Smith informs John McDonogh that Galloway Smith has returned to the United States; he left aboard the U.S Storeship "Southampton"

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