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Emigrants by the Ship Mariposa

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Letter to the Rev. Mr. McLain from John McDonogh describing each of the passengers on the ship Mariposa who were former slaves on McDonogh's plantation.


American Colonization Society


May 30th 1842


Reel 314





John McDonogh letter to William McClain listing the slaves to be shipped to Liberia with the ACS

Emigrants by the Ship Mariposa Captain Shute sailed from Norfolk 7 June 1842

New Orleans May 30th, 1842
The Rev W. McClain
Dear Sir
The following is a list of the Black and colored persons, who it is intended shall take passage in the Ship Mariposa for Louisiana in Liberia say
James, an African by birth, has been their commander, is a man in whom confidence may be placed, for his honesty , is a brickmaker and is acquainted with Plantation work, he’s aged about 30 years. Henrietta , his wife , aged about 38 years, McGeorge, his son aged 24 or 25 years a bricklayer, a sugar kettle setter, and sugar chimney builder of excellent character. Ellie, his son, a sugar maker, understanding the mode of collecting the cane, and a bricklayer & brickmaker aged 22 years.
Molly daughter of Henrietta aged 21 years
Harriet do of do do 9 do
Emanuel son of do do 7 do
Charity daughter of Molly do 6 do
Anne do of do do 4 do
Willis son of β€œ β€œ 2 β€œ

James Gray an excellent man a carpenter, & man of all trades, aged about 40 years, Milly or Amelia, his wife, aged about 22 years. Elizabeth his daughter aged 9 years, Louis thier son 5 years.

Richard, a minister of the gospel aged about 50 years.

Mark a carpenter by trade, and a school teacher aged 50 years also a brickmaker, Cuffy a brickmaker a carter and accustomed to Plantation work , say plowing planting, hoeing [etc. sign] aged about 38 years. Maria, his wife a layboress, dressmaker, milliner aged about 40 years. Charles, thier son, a Bricklayer, sugar maker and accustomed to plantation work also a brickmaker aged 20 years. Lucy their daughter aged 15 years, Maria their daughter 12 years,
Sarah Anne do do 9 do

Peter a first rate blacksmith and excellent man aged 50 years . Diana his wife aged about 38 to 40 years, Thomas their son a first rate blacksmith and well disposed man aged about 20 years. Judy, an excellent woman, a first rate midwife, a spinner of cotton and wool [etc. sign] aged about 50 years, Galloway, his son a first rate carpenter and sugar mill builder aged about 22 years, Juda daughter of Juda[y] aged 19 years, Jenny aged 35 years. John his son, a sugar maker & carter aged about 19 years. Orleans his son aged 14 years . Alfred his son aged 11 years.

Simon a sugar maker a whip sawyer and plowsman, also a brick maker and understanding in the work of a plantation generally aged about 22
Mary wife of Simon about 20 years of age. Winny their child a girl 5 years old
Benjamin their son 16 months old.

George a sugar maker carter and plowman also a brickmaker about 20 years of age . Elisa their daughter, 4 years of age

Phillis an excellent woman a doctress and understanding all things aged about 52 years. George Ellis her son, a sugar maker carter and plowman understanding in all things and a man in whom every confidence may be place for honesty of purpose, aged about 22 years.

Joshua a carpenter by trade a sugar maker, and brickmaker, understanding also in the work of a plantation, honest, and industrious, aged about 22. Charles Mason his brother (brother of Joshua) 11 years old .

Cornelius a sugar maker carter and brickmaker honest, moral, and true 21 years of age. Susan sister of cornelius 16 years age .

Augustine Lombart(d) an excellent carpenter and builder of sugar mills, handy at all things being full of talent, moral, honest, and faithful an excellent man 21 years of age. Julia wife of Augustine Lombard age 17 years, Jonathan their son aged 2 years.

Dabney aged 19 years honest and faithful man.

Jack intelligent honest a carter and some what of a sugar maker a faithful man aged 19 years
Becky sister of Jack 16 years or age . Matilda sister of Jack 16 years of age . Randal a brother of Jack 11 years of age very intelligent .

Nancy a talented woman capable of teaching a common school and of excellent moral character 22 years. Dime and daughter of Nancy aged 18 months

Katy an excellent woman 45 years of age . Henry son of katy a bricklayer and smart youth aged 19 years . Isaac son of Katy,active, and intelligent 12 years old

Elisa an excellent woman 36 years of age . John son of Elisa an intelligent youth 14 years old.

Jenny (called little jenny) an excellent woman 21 years old . Letty a daughter of Jenny 6 years . Daniel a son of Jenny 3 years old.

Polly an excellent woman 45 years .

Bridget a woman of high moral character and various qualifications 32 years of age Bridget her daughter 13, years of age.

Sally an excellent woman 19
Samuel his son 4 years old.

Rhina an excellent woman 28 years
Andrew son of Rhina 13 years, Caroline daughter of Rhina 9 years , Robert carter , son of Rhina , 7 years. Baltamore son of Rhina 3 year. Catherine a daughter of Rhina 3 months .

Precilla an excellent woman 25 years of age. Moses his her son 7 years. William his son 4 years.

Washington W. McDonogh son of Phillis 21 years of age a christian missionary educated at the Lafayette College in Pennsylvania who will meet the ship at norfolk, making eighty one persons in all comp sing 23 families, and several single persons

Signed John McDonogh

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