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Welcome to my digital humanities project! 

Are college students politically apathetic or politically engaged? Compared to the protests, strikes, and sit-ins of the 1960s and 1970s, today's students look pretty disengaged. But there are other ways in which students engage in politics-such as through academic events. Using a microstudy at Lafayette College, I attempted to answer this question. 

My research uses The Lafayette to topic model how many academic and political events (such as brown bags, open lectures, symposiums, etc.) occured between two time periods, and what the topics and subtopics of these events were. The two time periods are 1967–1972 (a time of heightened political activity) and 2011–2016. I used Cytoscape and GitHub to create this visualization. I also took a closer look at how faculty engaged with political activity at the college, with a particular case from 1968 using Neatline. 



Caroline Nawrocki | nawrockc@lafayette.edu