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Topic Modeling The Lafayette

This visualization was made using Cytoscape and GitHub. This visualization show the differences between the topics written about in The Lafayette between two time periods: 1967-1972 and 2011-2016. These topics are taken from documentations of academic engagement with political topics and issues (events, symposiums, speakers) rather than traditional modes of protest (editorials, strikes, protests).


  • Switch between "Network" to see the two time periods.
  • Scroll into a topic to zoom in on a particular area of the visualization.
  • Nodes in pink represent main topics and blue nodes represent subtopics. Every gray line represents an article about an event regarding those topics/subtopics.
  • Under "Layout," choosing "cola" will spread out nodes. Choosing "concentric" will show the most frequent nodes in the visualization in the middle.
  • Users can change visual style and background color (see right panel). 
  • Users also can move nodes around to their liking. 

Access the visualization here.

Results show that the earlier period (1967–1972) held more events of an equal academic and political nature than the current period; however, this eventually was found out to be because the modern Lafayette dedicates less space to previews and reports on events. Since members of the community can get this information on events from sources like LafSync and Facebook, the newspaper dedicates page space to other features. This shows the limitations of my project, but also creates interesting insight on how the nature and of college newspapers has changed.