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Mr Charlie Brooks sends a two part, typed letter to his son Keith Brooks. In the first part of this letter, written on the 3rd of September, Brooks shows a lot of concern for his son’s relationship and contact with their other family members…

This letter is from Charlie Brooks to his son. Charlie shows his disappointment in this letter by discussing Keechie's imprisonment and his future. This is another example of parenting from jail.

This letter is written by Charlie Brooks. He is asking his son, Keechie, why he does not write. He is also asking his son for a picture back and to schedule a visiting time.

This letter is written by Charlie Brooks to his son, Keechie. Brooks is advising his son how to handle himself in fights and arguments in the future. The letter shows how Charles Brooks is parenting from jail.

letter 2 part 1.jpeg
In this letter, Charlie Brooks writes to his son, Keith Brooks, where he talks about Sherri, a woman who which the relationship to the Brooks family is unknown. Brooks also empathizes with his son about being “red-lined,” and mentions Derrek,…

letter 1 part 1.jpeg
In this letter, Charlie Brooks worries about the physical and mental health of his son, Keith Brooks. He wonders if Keith has gotten into trouble, and wishes that his son would respond to his letters in order to show him that he is alive and well. At…

Derrek Brooks graduation.jpg
This is a photograph of Derrek Brooks with his friends at their high school graduation. Brooks graduated in 1980 from Green B. Trimble Technical High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Pictured from left to right is Ricky Diamond, Lee Stewart, Ronnie Smith…

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This is a typed letter on white paper with green pen markings. It is a letter from Charlie Brooks to his son because his son has not responded to his last letter. Within the first few lines, Charlie Brooks’ dedication to religion shows. He is…

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This is a handwritten letter in blue ink. It contains words of encouragement for the Charlie Brooks, the nephew, as well as mentions Charlie Brooks Jr.

This is a black and white photograph from Derrek Brooks’ yearbook. The person in the picture is Derrek Brooks.
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