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A Janazah, is an Islamic funeral prayer. It is a part of the Islamic funeral ritual.In Charlie Brooks Jr.’s Janazah, is contains his final prayer, his full obituary, a complete list of the service and a list of his casket bearers. His obituary…

This was another letter from Charlie Brooks Jr. to his son. In the letter, Brooks talked about not receiving a letter back from his son. He also talks about his Lawyer’s Assistant course and hopes to hear back from his son soon.

This was a letter from Charlie Brooks Jr. to his son, Keith regarding a potential visit between the two. Charlie Brooks Jr. was explaining to Keith what he needed to do to request a visit, and how the visit would go if it was granted. Charlie also…

This was a letter from Charlie Brooks Jr. to his son, Keith on August 23, 1980. Charlie is asking his son in a concerned matter why he has not answered his letter yet. Charlie also mentions the visit he discussed with his son in the previously letter…

Brooks discusses the possibility of his son’s parole being denied and tells him a story about his own parole from years ago. He says that his son is much more mature than he was and talks about the cycle of men being freed and going back to jail.…

CharlieJr-pic2 (1).jpg
This is a photograph of Charlie Brooks, Jr. sitting on a chair at prison with a plate of food on his lap.

This is a black and white photograph from Derrek Brooks’ yearbook. The person in the picture is Derrek Brooks.

This is a letter from Mr. Charles Brooks to his son in which he talks about his recent hearing, and we know that he is currently in the jail law library. In this letter, he talks about various trial procedures that he is going through, like…
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