Letter from Charlie Brooks Jr., to Keith Brooks

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Letter from Charlie Brooks Jr., to Keith Brooks


Here, it is evident Charlie Brooks Jr. has not spoken to his son in quite some time. Also it is revealed that Adrian Brooks has spent some time in jail, and Charlie Brooks Jr. was doing all of this investigating to find out more information and reaching out to various family members. However, the main aspect of this letter was Charlie Brooks Jr. asking his son if he still wanted to hear from him. Charlie tells him that there is, “a whole lot more that they can talk about, but he will leave that for a future date, if there is one-- I hope and pray there is”. Charlie closes the letter by encouraging his son to think for himself and not to let anyone else influence his decision in speaking to his father. It is evident Charlie desperately wants to communicate. to his sons


Charlie Brooks Jr.


The Brooks Family Collection


August 1, 1980.




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