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This is a letter from Charlie Brooks to his son Keith Brooks, thanking him for coming to visit him in prison. He also talks about how Keith should contact Mrs.Robertson to see if Keith’s parole is being considered.

Charlie Brooks writes to Keith after having a surprise visit earlier that day. He recounts how great it is to see his son and to be able to update each other on life events. He later speaks about trying to get a court appeal. The envelope has an…

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This is a typed letter on white paper with green pen markings. It is a letter from Charlie Brooks to his son because his son has not responded to his last letter. Within the first few lines, Charlie Brooks’ dedication to religion shows. He is…

In this typed letter from Charlie Brooks to Charlie Brooks Jr., he apologizes for not being in Charlie Brooks Jr.’s life. The letter includes handwritten edits completed by Charlie Brooks with a green ink pen. He gives his son advice about his…

This letter is written by Charlie Brooks to his son, Keechie. Brooks is advising his son how to handle himself in fights and arguments in the future. The letter shows how Charles Brooks is parenting from jail.

This letter is written by Charlie Brooks. He is asking his son, Keechie, why he does not write. He is also asking his son for a picture back and to schedule a visiting time.

This letter is from Charlie Brooks to his son. Charlie shows his disappointment in this letter by discussing Keechie's imprisonment and his future. This is another example of parenting from jail.

This was a letter from Charlie Brooks Jr. to his son, Keith. His father wrote to him about his life and his appreciation of Keith's schooling and job training. He discusses his goal of becoming a lawyer as well and talks about their communication…

Charlie Brooks, Jr. wrote a request to arrange a visitation from his son Keith Brooks to Major Murdoch. The Major replied saying that Keith needs to put Charlie on his visiting list and other instructions Keith needs to do in order to visit Charlie…

This was another letter from Charlie Brooks Jr. to his son. In the letter, Brooks talked about not receiving a letter back from his son. He also talks about his Lawyer’s Assistant course and hopes to hear back from his son soon.
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