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Student Contributors to the McDonogh Project

The following students were members of the Africana Studies course AFS 211 Black Experience over the course several semesters. Their work was crucial in preparing the archival material for this project and in telling the story of Washington Watts McDonogh and David Kinney McDonogh.


  1. Berger, Kristen L.                                            
  2. Favini, Johnathan P.
  3. Fertile, Danialie
  4. Haracz, Julie M.
  5. Hughes, Kate O.
  6. Jones, Aubrey A.
  7. Lassiter, Shanequa M.
  8. Mena, Jenny M.
  9. Osei, Alexis A.
  10. Rodriguez, Kara Lynn
  11. Vik, Carl M.       

Julie Haracz also worked a semester, through an Independent Study course in the Spring 2014, to organize all the letter summaries and to place them on a timeline, the first attempt to make the data accessible to a larger public and to synthesize all the data that had been collected.


  1. Blackwell, Dawit E.
  2. Boone, Bakari A.
  3. Braxton, Ahmed M.
  4. Holloman, Kiyah J.
  5. Hood, Maia
  6. Israel, Jethro
  7. Oyefeso, Oluwadamilare T.
  8. Schroeder, Jennifer N.
  9. Winton, Yma B.                                                 


  1. Agosa, Sedomo
  2. Austin Miller, Desmond
  3. Bah, Muhamad
  4. Brady, Justin
  5. Bulluck, Benjamin
  6. Johnson, Mikai
  7. McNamee, Hannah
  8. Peacock, Ricky
  9. Sherry, Emma
  10. Troxell, Tatiana
  11. Tuck, Andrew
  12. White, Taylor

During the 2014-15 academic year, Jethro Israel worked as a Digital Humanities Excel Scholar to further organize and research the cumulative data from the classes of 2013 and 2014. He was assisted by the college’s Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow, Emily McGinn.