By examining the response of chocolate companies throughout the years, it can be seen that not much has been changed to fix the injustice on cocoa plantations. Recently, more steps have been taken to purchase more cocoa by certified farms. Although this is a step in the right direction, it comes years after this was recognized as a problem in the Harkin Engel Protocol. Also, these changes still do not meet the goals of the Protocol initially established in 2001. I guess Joseph Burtt was right in 1909 when he said, “the consumer holds the key to the situation.” The big chocolate companies must be forced into creating real change by consumers actively choosing other brands that are certified and working towards being child and slave free, so they lose profit and have to change their business practices. I guess this is a trend for almost every industry that is causing harm to the laborers or the environment, such as fast fashion and palm oil. 

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