Whether you prefer to drink your Espresso at home or go to a coffee shop and get it, it is fairly easy to get Espresso whenever you want it in Italy today. This would not have been the case in the early 20th century as Espresso was not easily made at home and the machines were not as efficient. Companies such as Bialetti and Gaggia made new espresso machines that were more efficient and easy to use both at home and at coffee shops which helped to spread the popularity of Espresso during the late 20th and century, helping to move it beyond a regional drink to the global symbol of Italian culture we know it as today. I will look at the timeline of Espresso popularity while focusing on the companies that helped to make it as popular as it is, namely the Bialetti Coffee Company and Lavazza Coffee Company, and analyze their advertisements and other statistics. I will show who their advertisements targeted and how they were targeting their audience.

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