This ad is a more recent one from 2013 from the coffee roasters company called Lavazza. Lavazza is very influential in the Italian espresso market as they were one of the first roosters to become big enough to mass produce beans. They [became] the first roaster to break out of a regional market, building its position via the emergence of new communication and distribution channels that appeared in the period such as television and supermarkets. In 1951 the Turin-based company was selling 1.9m kg. of roasted coffee, over half of which was destined for the surrounding regions of Piedmont and Valle d‟Aosta. By 1960 this had reached 3.5m kg., while in 1966, following the opening of its new production plant (the largest in Europe) the company was selling over 10m kg.(Morris) 

This advertisement is part of the Lavazza India Campaign from winter of 2011. Lavazza as a company has worked to expand itself across the world and reach as many people as possible with Lavazza acquiring the 150 outlet Barista coffee shop chain in India in 2007, as well as two major Brazilian roasters (Morris). We can see from this image that they are using the image of the colosseum shaped as an espresso cup to show how they are an Italian company and using this to show authenticity. Also in the top left they claim to be Italy’s favorite coffee and even though there is no fact behind this claim it still helps the purchaser around the world to associate it with the italian stamp of approval for quality.

This ad is from 2008 and made by the Armando Testa Advertising agency which is from Turin which is the same location the lavazza company started. In the ad above it is clear that this ad is not targeted towards Italian citizens. The Lavazza company is trying to expand its reach as much as possible by going with the slogan “The most majestic espreso experience” while targeting the east asian market. The coffee culture in SouthEast Asia and the so-called Bric developing economies (Brazil, Russia, China, India) has seen Italian roasters directing much of their effort into these areas (Morris). In the ad they are targeting the China market as we can see the photos of an emperor and empress drinking espresso in the background while the woman is wearing an elegant dress and crown is also holding a lavazza coffee cup. The whole set up of the ad plays towards the majestic experience of the espresso as everything in the photo looks very fancy and expensive.

This photo is from the Lavazza website and it is a picture of a Lavazza store that was opened in Shanghai in April of 2020. Lavazza has partnered with the Yum China Holdings company to help them expand into China as this company has the knowledge and experience of the chinese market to help them grow. Antonio Baravalle who is the CEO of the lavazza group said “China is an important market with huge untapped potential for coffee consumption. We have been searching for the right opportunities to establish Lavazza in China and Asia, and this partnership is an important first step”. Coffee which is more known for their tea consumption has a huge population so even if they were able to capture a small part of that population it would lead to very good sales. This partnership shows how the lavazza group works to expand the italian coffee culture throughout the world and to as many people as possible.

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