In my exhibit I have looked at both the Lavazza and the Bialetti company to see how they have grown over the years and how their influence has led to espresso being known around the world. The Bialetti company pioneered the at-home coffee pot that has become the staple of Italian households and people all over the world. The image of the Moka pot has become associated with the image of espresso. 

The Lavazza company continues to push the boundaries of espresso to new regions of the world even today. They are the largest coffee producer in Italy and with their continued commitment to broadening the Italian coffee market to other countries the market will continue to grow and grow and will reach markets where coffee itself is not viewed as very popular like in china. I have looked at both of these companies' advertisements to give you a picture of how they have advertised and who they targeted with the ads alongside the growth of the espresso market.

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