Espresso-Bialetti Company

The Bialetti Company is famous for producing the Moka Coffee pot-a stovetop percolator first produced by Bialetti in 1935 whose sales took off during the economic miracle. Today this coffee pot can be found in over 90% of Italian households (Morris). The Bialetti company was not always as successful as it is today. The company started off slow, only producing about 70,000 units between 1934 and 1940(Schnapp). The Bialetti company was determined to become an Espresso Giant and during the 1940s they evolved to be able to produce 1,000 moka pots a day and started an ad campaign where they bought as many ads as possible in Milan to make sure people got to know their brand(Schanpp).

In the years after world war 2 the Bialetti company .  This ad is from 1955 and we can see a man pouring melted metal to make the moka pot. This ad was made to target the working class and have them associate with the company as it seems as if a fellow Italian is making the coffee pot. We can also see that it says “Un primato mondiale Realizzato da un’ Industria Italiana”, which means that they are boasting about how the Italian industry has made it possible for this great coffee pot to be made which further targets the working class Italians so they can relate with the company.


The Bialetti company continued its ad campaign during the 50sand 60s with ads like the one above. This ad specifically is to target the Italian population that drinks espresso at bars as well as the at home drinkers and to try and get them to make their espresso at home. In the top left we can see someone saying “Ci Vediamo al bar” which means see you at the bar but the second person says “invece sono venuti tutti a casa mia a prendere il caffe” which means instead let's go to my house for coffee. The Bialetti company is claiming they can deliver the same quality of coffee as a coffee bar. The main slogan on the ad says Un amore di caffettiera, which means a love of my coffee pot, which is again trying to show the at home quality. The lipstick on the side of the pot further emphasises the love for the pot as it is a symbol of love. 

These campaigns were a success as today the Moka pot is being produced at 4 million per year and the global sales are closing in on 200 million (Schnapp) and it sits as one of the most iconic Espresso brands in the world.

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