Yerba Mate has been around for approximately 300+ years, yet many aspects of the ceremony has persisted through the ages. During the 18th century, materials were rather limited to gourds, pumpkins, wood, and silver. Now, there are mate sets being sold online that are entirely made of plastic or aluminum, a cheaper alternative to the hand crafted sets that are still available for purchase today. The difference in the ability to travel long distances in a short amount of time has also shaped the way Yerba Mate is received in Chile. 

Another aspect of how modernization has affected the Yerba Mate ceremony is that some of the rituals that were used during the ceremony in the 18th century have persisted through the ages. Many of the unspoken rules have been done away with because of the modernization of the world, specifically the way people can travel long distances in a very short amount of time. This led to the use of the thermos, which enables the consumer to bring their Yerba Mate with them wherever they go. 

These changes in the world have affected the culture of drinking Yerba Mate in a way that suits the current generation. Whether its drinking Club-Mate in tourist trap cities, or enjoying Mate with more traditional folks in the rural areas of South America, the main aspect of the ceremony has indeed persisted, which is how truly communal and inclusive the ceremony really is. 


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