Superior Image of Japanese Subjects Contrasted with Inferior Image of Chinese Subjects

In some cards, Japanese subjects and Chinese subjects are directly compared to display the difference in strength and dignity.  They make it easier for the audience to get the biased idea that Japanese soldiers were significantly superior compared to Chinese soldiers, by depicting direct interactions between the two. 

For instance, the card on the left shows the comparison between dominant Tecchan and a submissive Chinese soldier. It reads "Tie up the spy, march them off".

Tecchan ties up a Chinese soldier, and points a gun at him to show an absolute domination. The Chinese soldier has no way to move or escape, as the Japanese soldier is holding on to the rope like a leash for a dog.

Again, Tecchan has adorable facial features, unlike the Chinese soldier.

A similar situation, which shows the superiority of the Japanese over the Chinese, is described in the next card, reading "Hungry, surrender, cowards".

Chinese soldiers are crying and taking bows to beg for forgiveness from Tecchan, asking not to kill them. They look desperate because Tecchan is holding a sword while they are unarmored and undefended.

The last card reads, "Horizontally striking, drawing the letter "one" (一)".

Tecchan is cutting a Chinese soldier down at a battlefield. The Chinese soldier is falling down on his knees.

The Chinese soldier’s head is on the ground in front of Tecchan, which indicates that a Japanese soldier is superior and stronger than a Chinese soldier.

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